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Groworth Nightingale II - Nagpur

Independent Villas, 2 & 3 BHK Flats.


Nightingale - World Class Residential Township

Groworth Nightingale is an ambitious construction venture from the company with different lifestyle residential options to cater to different needs and budget. With this enterprising project, the company wishes to widen its work area and institute a line up of elite customers and a track record of prestigious ventures in the market.

Keeping our tradition of being at the right place at the right time, Groworth presents to you Groworth Solitaire, a plot scheme just minutes away from these landmarks at Ojhar, a promise to prosperity.

The Groworth Promise

Every company has a mission and core set of values which are the foundation of that organization. Groworth too, has always kept its ethical norms stringent even in the most trying situations. Last couple of years has seen Groworth establish formidable goodwill and trust in the market. The company has sold 15 clear titled real estate projects in Nagpur and Pune and has been pioneer in taking Nagpur's real estate business to overseas.

Design Concepts

Ar. Girish Shirsalkar - The man behind our Architecture

“When legendary hands are behind creation of architecture, it becomes a matter of prestige to own a share in it”.

Ar. Girish Shirsalkar, the man behind the architecture of this elite venture of Groworth Nightingale is a renowned architect par excellence, who has designed many elite constructions and buildings in Dubai. He is the man with unique aesthetic sense which is vividly highlighted in all his designs. Dedication is the underlying principle for him due to which he has achieved many illustrious feats in his life. He completed his graduation in 1977 from India's leading architectural college, Sir J.J College of Architecture. He completed his apprenticeship with famous architect Mr. Charles Correa and also worked with him for some time. He worked in a British firm Fitch & Co. as an architect and gained valuable international experience.

From there on in 1983 Ar. Girish Shirsalkar founded Design Concepts. He has designed many famous structures like Silver Stallion Towers, Santorini Township, Acropole, Nur Tower, Dubai World Central, etc. The firm specializes in urban planning and architectural designs. The company has completed over 100 projects across Dubai and world over and has gained recognition for integrated state of the art design with project development. The major clientele of Design Concepts include Siemens, L.G., LuLu, Emirates Airlines, BMW, Rolls Royce, Etisalat, Nissan, Petrochem, Stallion Properties, Motorola etc. and many more elite groups.

Groworth is proud to be associated with such a renowned architect and in the form of Groworth Nightingale is all set to present the dynamism of superior architectural qualities in Nagpur for the first time. The various villas, bungalows, Duplexes and flats made available in this scheme are designed to match the international standard, holding an appeal for global, national and local community as well.

Best of life always!

Groworth Nightingale has everything one can relate to high profile residential choices. Yes, it is a highly elite and ambitious project designed by world class architect. Yes, it has all the regal amenities and residential options like Budget Bugalows, Deluxe villas, flats etc. to match up to the standards of classy lifestyle. Yes, it is placed in one of the most happening areas of India- Wardha road, Nagpur. And yes, it is backed by the authentic and trustworthy efficiency embedded company which is Groworth. But that's only the starting point. There is more to Groworth Nightingale than all these attributes.

It is the inherent motive behind the launch of this project- a vision to provide different types of refreshingly classy yet affordable projects with internationally acclaimed dimensions of construction and architecture. Groworth Nightingale is an effort to introduce lifestyle culture amongst the people who love to live life with full zeal and enjoy the luxuries and elegance of modern times.


Villa Victoria, a deluxe living space from Groworth Nightingale

With Villa Victoria, a deluxe living space from Groworth Nightingale, one can regale in the lavishness of lifestyle culture and enjoy more of everyday. Why? Because every attribute of this elegant home is more than regular. Nothing generalized. Supremely special and exclusively distinct.

Highly spacious rooms to accommodate every thought, feel, need and person of your desire, it is the perfect choice for those who respect the privacy of others and also like to have some secret intimate moments for themselves. With car parking for two and a separate guest room, along with airy and roomy kitchen, dining room and living room, the construction in itself defines the flavor of elegance and freshness. Three more bedrooms, including the master bedroom and a separate audio and video room to relax and enjoy poses a picture of a cozy habitat.

Floor Plan - Villa Victoria

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Floor Plan - Flats 2BHK & 3BHK

Floor Plan 2BHK
Floor Plan 3BHK

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